Shree Ram Sharnam

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Shree Ram Sharnam, an International Spiritual Prayer Centre - Abode of Spiritual Peace, Bliss and Orderliness. Venerable Param Pujya Swami Satyanand JI Maharaj established this Religious Centre named SHREE RAM SHARNAM.

This application was developed as a reflection of the organizations website, in order to provide ease of access to the users. It consists of all the major features present in their website, implemented in a mobile-friendly manner

Various devotional songs and discourses, in both audio and video format can be streamed online or downloaded to the local storage of the phone

The quarterly newsletter for Shree Ram Sharnam International Prayer Centre is available in PDF format for users to read online as well as download for further reference

Devotees believe that the prayers rectify their aberrations through the 'maha-mantra' of 'RAM-NAAM'. This feature helps them maintain a total count of their chants in the year, through a graphical representation of their monthly chants.